Privacy measures

Implementing strict privacy measures was not necessary within this project as the open source and sampling data collected was only retrieved at municipal level.

However, if we were to receive more localised data, in the Netherlands information from the CBS database ( could be used to sketch a social profile of each sewerage area.

To guarantee privacy, we could choose to use postal codes which do not display information about neighbourhoods with fewer than 5 inhabitants. The missing information, due to this privacy protection would then cover a maximum of 2% of the inhabitants of a relevant sewerage area (based on a similar study carried out in parallel). The contribution of the missing data to the results of the analysis would be negligible.

Statistics SA ( can be used to collect data for the social profile of South African communities which is available at the district municipality, municipal and ward levels (wards are geopolitical subdivisions of municipalities, with 4468 wards in South Africa).